Experiments in Key and isolation- Part 3 – Sunlight deep in the woods

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Assignment 2 - Selected Projects, Assignment 3/4/5 Major Project - Isolation, Experiments in Isolation, Experiments in Key, General Experiments and Projects


This post summarises an ongoing series of works set in the woods around Barnet at sunrise and sunset. The purpose is to see what the the early/late sun rays is able to highlight and isolate and to produce some low key photographs. The experiments have produced a rich assortments of shots and has been great fun to do as the canvas in the woods is forever changing and there is a  variety of images that are ‘temporarily’ exposed.

I have selected a small focused sample set of images where the sunlight has created interesting forms onto the surface of the trees.

Because the contrast is so great at both sunrise and sunset, it is quite easy to get clear images that require no post processing except to convert to black and white. This is generally achieved through spot exposure and spot focusing.

I had around 350 images to chose from in this range and the problem was really one of selection. Having looked at the works of the masters of photography like Edward Weston, I found that shapes that reminded you of other things like animals, skulls and the human form were more likely to be attractive to the viewer. These are the images that are shown below

This is a project that I will continue to explore even after assignment 2






key-8 key-7


key-2 key-4


key-5 key-6


key-11 key-9

isolated tree women

isolated tree women

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At a practical level, a good photograph is more about being in the right place at the right time and knowing what to take then the type of camera, skill and technique. My ambition is to show how anyone with a camera can produce great photographs when they visit London.

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