Edmund de Waal – Potter- What do Artist do all day – BBC 4 march 2014

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Assignment 3/4/5 Major Project - Isolation, Background Reading, Research The Subject of isolation, Styles

Edmund de Waal

How to prepare and focus on a theme/exhibition.

This BBC program followed the potter Edmund de Waal as he prepared for his exhibition 1000 hours – which was his expression of time making something. The basis of his exhibition was a series of small pots all individually made, (cut, thrown handled and kiln dried). They all looked the same but they had small variations and all were touched by the artist. He spent 1000 hours making these and then arranging them in patterns, within structures and on shelves. He then arranged these within and exhibition space.
For me, the repeated vessels were a symbol of a man – all the same in one sense but different in others, and the different configurations and displays were us in society and then world. His act of looking at the arrangement, the shadows and his constant re-positioning was also a symbol of how the media and the establishment move people around and both elevate and discard to create the ‘bigger picture.
This is a view that was only possible by watching the program and would not have been evident if I had only gone to the exhibition.
These program’s also helped me look at how the cameraman isolates his shots by selecting the view and then holding the viewers attention with narrative. This is something that can only be done via this type program and is not available elsewhere. The cameraman used a variety of viewpoints, burr/focus, motion and image sequencing to display the work at all stages of its production from forming the pot to showing the whole exhibition space. The down side is that you only get the insight if you watch the program again, make notes and then write it up!
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