– Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers SWPP Convention – London 18th Jan 2014 – Courses and seminars

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Exhibitions and talks, Styles, Summaries and Pre-Work, Training and Courses

This is a convention mainly for wedding and portrait photographers which incorporated a day of master classes –
For more details see the following link http://www.swpp.co.uk/convention/
I paid my £75 for a days pass to this trade show and master classes, as I wanted to learn more about the importance of style and printing, as well as general photographic skills.
The convention incorporates a trade show, around 80+ of master classes, and some 1/2 day super classes, and runs for 3 days. I applied to join the masterclass for one of these days which entitled me to attend 6 sessions. Selecting the sessions is a bit of a hit and miss affair, but I was lucky this time. My sessions include one of submitting a portfolio of work for assessment by the SWPP, a couple from wedding and portrait photographers so I could understand how they worked, one on blogs and search engines for photo websites, and finally one on ‘off camera’ flash techniques.
These master lasses helped me get some benchmarks on the environment of a professional photographers, their work, and the techniques used, as well as being a good vehicle for training.
One of the key lessons I learnt was that the profession is very saturated and polarised into weddings and portrait photography, and that it is getting more difficult to make money. It is also quite stale with very little new creative work being produced, however they have sound professional standards and photographic/commercial techniques which can be applied to anything


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At a practical level, a good photograph is more about being in the right place at the right time and knowing what to take then the type of camera, skill and technique. My ambition is to show how anyone with a camera can produce great photographs when they visit London.

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