Project Summary

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Project sections

I broadly followed the ‘main’ project plan that I set out in assignment 1, although I have made some modifications along the way as I clarified the focus for my final portfolio. This project plan was split into 6 parts as described below,

Part 1 – Photography is Isolation – a theoretical study on isolation in Photography
Part 2 – Isolating Isolation – A practical journey in photographing ‘isolation’ in order to come to a focused area for future study for part 3
Part 3 – Isolated with Light – A detailed practical photographic study on the theme of ‘Isolated with Light’ including background research on the photo-book.
Part 4 – Isolated with Light – Photo-book – The production, analysis and publication of the photo-book for ‘peer review’ and comments. It is also intended to help isolate the photographs for further work and formal portfolio submission.
Part 5 – Selected Isolation – This defines my concluding photographic portfolio for my main project on the subject of isolation – which is ‘Isolated Locations’. This focused area of work is the result of isolating a personal style of photography and the journey of identifying the area of isolation that resonates best for me based on all my previous work .
Part 6 – The presentation of isolation – The final stage of the project is concerned with the selection and printing of the photographs of ‘Isolation Locations’ which have a clearly defined theme. and a supporting commercial proposition

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At a practical level, a good photograph is more about being in the right place at the right time and knowing what to take then the type of camera, skill and technique. My ambition is to show how anyone with a camera can produce great photographs when they visit London.

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