Assignment 2 Review

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A Persuasive Document, Assignment 2 - Selected Projects, Change, Colour Accent, Decisive Moment, Elimination of Depth, Experiments in Key, Selection 3 from 8

My personal approach to this Assignment.


This assignment was a watershed for me in terms of focusing on what the ‘Your Own Portfolio’ module was all about. I realise that is was important that all my images should have a recognizable style, and work together as a whole body of work. This gave me two issues, firstly I didn’t have a consistent style, and secondly, I would need to have a clear idea/focus on what my main project would look like.


I therefore decided to use these projects to help me gain more insight into my main project’s theme on ‘Isolation, and my personal style. This meant that although the purpose of this assignment was to choose 3 out of the 8 projects, I decided to try all of them in order to explore how I would include ‘isolation’ within the projects brief. It therefore took a lot longer to complete and required experimenting with different techniques and approaches. The advantage of this approach has allowed me to make significant progress on my main project on the subject of ‘Isolation’, and has given me a cleared perspective on what I will need to deliver at the end of the course.

Selected Projects and Deliverable


The key determining factors for my final selection came down to ‘closeness to the brief’, style and differentiation from my main project on isolation. For example, some my best work was produced in the project on Clear Separation, however this was very close to my project theme on Isolation. Likewise, my project on the decisive moment produced a great image, but it didn’t really fit the overall style of my portfolio.


The submitted piece of work for the three projects were chosen to complement my main project, and to work together within the project and the portfolio. The projects were:-


  • Colour Accent
  • Elimination of Depth
  • Experiments in Key


To help the reader understand my thinking and journey, I have discussed my approach to 6 of the 8 projects in more detail in terms of my approach, background research, and their relationship with my main project on isolation.

The three additional ones are:-


  • Clear Separation
  • The decisive Moment
  • Change

Tutors feedback

“I think you have produced a very competent assignment here. There is evidence of serious research and study as well a thoughtful photography. Your level of studentship is commendable…keep it up!”

So my endeavours paid off – however I did change about 40% of the photos, as I selected different projects for my portfolio prints as the original ones either had similarities  with my main project on isolation and I wanted them to be different, or were inconstant with my overall portfolio style.

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