Assessment Submission and Course Review

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Assignment 1- YOP - Direction, Assignment 2 - Selected Projects, Assignment 3 - Ralph Gibson Critical Review, Assignment 3/4/5 Major Project - Isolation

This is my final blog for the Your Own Portfolio Module – which I have really enjoyed.

On Line Learning Blog and Physical LogBook

My ‘On-Line’ learning Blog is made up of over 100 post which have been added over a 2 year period. The earlier posts focus more on general research, events and exhibitions that helped me focus on the standards needed of Level 3. The  remaining posts are focused on the different assignments and have been linked to a relatively small sub set of categories. I have designed the WordPress blog using a simple template to provide a strong ‘feature image’ followed by supporting text and an image gallery where appropriate. It has  been designed to work on all mobile devices.   I could have written a lot more on-line posts but many of them worked better as an offline Physical blog as they contained the mind-maps and exhibition materials however they are a bit ‘raw’ in places.

Ebook and Photo – Book Links

I produced a Photobook in assignment 4 and an eBook in Assignment 5 which were very interesting exercises in their own right. A hard copy of the photobook has been submitted as part of assignment 4, and a PDF version of the eBook is attached to the USB stick for assignment 5. Here are the links to the photobook and eBook should they be required.

A digital copy of the photo-book can be found using the following link :-

Th eBook is called London Views for Isolation Shoes and can be found here  :-

Module Review

I found the  structure of the module,’Your Own Portfolio’, very helpful in developing my style and for focusing on what it means to do photography at level 3. The guidance from the tutors and the assignment notes was pitched just right to enable me to freely develop my thoughts and creativity within defined limits. I was pleased with all my submissions and with the feedback from my tutor, and felt that there had been a steady development at every stage of the course.

Below is a map of my journey from assignment 1 to assignment 4  which took a long time but was an essential for me to develop both my style and thoughts about Isolation. I have also provided the commercial proposition as part of assignment 5 – which  I hope   to develop this further after the degree.






The development of a personal style was the biggest driver in helping me isolate an area for a deeper study on isolation, coupled with the requirement to produce a portfolio of work that worked together as a complete set. The mechanism I chose for achieving this was ‘Assignment 2’, where I experimented with all 8 projects to produce images that had an association with ‘isolation’. This helped me identify the style of photography that not only came more naturally but also had the greatest visual impact. I them confirmed this through creating portfolio for peer reviews in photo clubs and by submitting them for public display and analysis. This peer review process provided a valuable steer towards refining my style and subject area.


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At a practical level, a good photograph is more about being in the right place at the right time and knowing what to take then the type of camera, skill and technique. My ambition is to show how anyone with a camera can produce great photographs when they visit London.

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